Company Bio

White Ladybug Inc. specializes in distributing gift, stationery and home décor products.

 We opened our doors to the gift industry in 2001 as Magnetic Bookmarks; by 2009, we had become the largest producer of bookmarks in the United States. Over the years we added more lines to include Bookmark Trenz, Moovie Studio and Gift Trenz. In 2014, we added Franklin Mill to our gift family (a leading manufacturer of high quality stationery products), making us the preferred company for a wide range of products for retail stores worldwide.

 In 2018 we expanded to offer our distribution services to international manufacturers that are hoping to break into the US markets. The Cambridge Model has joined the likes of Lovi, TicToys, Carousel-Publishing, and Minus just to name a few.  

 White Ladybug Inc. has 4 close-knit employees and runs more like a family than a business. We currently have a national sales force of 100+ independent sales reps. Our customer base has grown to over 2,500 active accounts spread across the globe, shipping orders from the South Pole to the Northern tip of Alaska and everywhere in between.


            *White Ladybug Inc. is a privately held corporation.